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You are a heroic party on your way to ONE LAST FIGHT with your Nemesis.
Learn about your characters, the world, and the adventures against the Nemesis through card prompts. Slay the challenges that step between you and your goal.
Who will survive ONE LAST FIGHT?

A GM-less Card-Prompt RPG for 2 to 6 players.
Nearly 100 cards of adventure!

If you enjoy One Last Fight, consider picking up One Last Chance, a co-op game about two rivals and their last encounter.


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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I was looking for a fill-in game on Roll20, and this attracted my attention as something with a strong story-telling impulse with a decent game structure beneath, and this game scratched that itch delightfully.

After a run-through, I'm glad of my purchase, and anticipate it will be a fine game for folk to play if individuals can't make it to our weekly game session.

Thanks -- great stuff. 

do you have any recommendations for playing this game virtually/without printed cards? i've never used any kind of virtual tabletop and while i'd very much like to play this game, the prospect of starting from zero to figure out just how to get the cards somewhere is a little daunting


I'd actually had several requests about this, and I'm thinking of trying to do something with a booklet and dice.
Until then: all of the card files are numbered, so you could use a random number generator (since some of them are not even numbers) and then reference the card.


god that's so simple i'm mad i didn't think of it lmao. thank you so much!!


You could probably make a free version using a regular deck of cards. Not everyone has a printer


I might have to look into it! It would be a bit tricky though, considering there are over 100 cards at this point.
In my own case I typically use a Virtual Table Top and build all the decks there.


I can't afford to print or even get the game. But this game looks interesting. If you make one where you draw from a 52 card deck and look on a list of things to make the last fight or whatever this game is about.I would love to playtest

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One Last Fight is a card game that's also a storytelling adventure rpg.

It honestly feels a little like Munchkin, if Munchkin was a purely narrative experience. or like Lone Wolf, if Lone Wolf was Munchkin. Or like Darkest Dungeon, if it had a slider you could use to set the level of atmosphere.

You have stats, you accumulate treasure, you use those things along with your character class to pass checks and win combat, and you die if you run out of hearts.

At the same time, you answer questions prompted by the cards, collaborating with the other players to add a story layer to the game, and if people really commit to it, it feels like it can get notably intense.

There's a lot of crunch and flavor in One Last Fight, but none of it's unmanageable, and the game is super easy to set up and play.

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who likes a hearty mix of storytelling and mechanical challenge. It feels extremely well constructed, and I think it would make both an excellent intro game and a cool experience for long-running groups.


I tried this gamee with friends last week and we had a great time.

One of us had some trouble getting treasure as she never found the good cards. (maybe we should've left her some of our encounters)

Also we didn't know if a dead adventurer should give their treasure and gear cards or only treasure. And we didn't know LAST should be a countere at the end of the game, we thought it would be a stack of cards.

But to be fair we're not native english speakers.

Otherwise I was pleasantly suprised with this game. We all had a great time. It was interesting, it had lots of content, and the ambiance was really good. Only 2 out of 5 of us survived the final epic fight.

5 stars for me, I would play again.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!
And yes, I noticed last time I played the game myself I forgot to mention the LAST counters. I will have to add that to the next update!

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How important are the "LAST counters"? I am considering purchasing this game, but I don't want to waste my time if an important part of the game is unclear in the current download. (In other words, I would hold off on purchasing until the next update is ready.)

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More or less the text should read "When a card tells you to 'Add Last', place a counter on the Nemesis. When rolling for "Slay Them," roll additional dice equal to the number of Last tokens."

Edit: The game has now been updated with these changes and more!