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“The Temple of Waves has sunk into the very sea it was to protect. Our Speakers are missing or refuse audience. The sea is cursed and refuses to fill our stores.

“So we must press inward towards the forests before their last leaves fall and hope there is yet bounty left or we will suffer the long death of starvation. Fierce things stalk the wood, things born of Madness and Nightmare. We will feast on their meat and use their bones against their own kind.

“Disaster greets us.

“And we will thrive in its defeat.”

The North Seat is an Adventure Setting featuring living nightmares and the strength to defeat them.

These booklets can be used with Quest RPG, or as inspiration for other rules sets.

This includes:
+ The Player's Primer, and introduction to the setting and scenario. It also includes over 10 hooks for additional adventures.
+ The Labyrinth, an expanse of laboratories and galleries made during the world's creation, full of forgotten trinkets and experiments.
+ Enemy and treasure cards to be used as handouts!


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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