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A two player mystery solving game that is very serious.*

Play through scenes, try and solve mysteries while also being rad, doing unusual things, and learning about yourself and your partner. Incorporate Truths you uncover through the investigation. Deal with Twists (like how real aliens might be involved, or how one of you is actually three raccoons in a trench coat)!

Meant to be a chill, goofy game to play with a friend.

Things you need: a 20-sided dice, a friend, and either paper/pencil or a digital tabletop. Also maybe some wit.

*seriousness may or may not actually occur


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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My partner and I played this last night a quick no-pressure game for two. Playtime for us was a little over 90 minutes.

Favorite moment:

We, a reporter and the recently super-powered receptionist, ended up accidentally teleporting from an alien themed room in the Poconos to the deck of the actual alien ship.

Not knowing what happened next, we rolled on a table and the reporter's phone rang.

Jason: I flip open my phone. "Uh... Who is this?"
Me: rolls on a table "Joe, it's me... You... Joe, it's Joe." You hear your voice on the phone.

Dialogue then ensues in which a bunch of shiny new alien info is given from the calling Joe to the listening Joe.

Jason: I *69 ( this calls back the person who called you last on old phones).
Me: You hear your voice. "Uh... Who is this?"
Jason: "Joe, it's me... You.... Joe, it's..." Oh crap. Did I just call myself from 5 minutes ago?

It was glorious!

Some of our table rolls didn't work out this well, but it was easy to let that take a weird turn or just to agree that we wanted to roll again for a different answer. We found it worked to sort of gm one another in spots to help provide some tension and yet more unexpected turns.

Overall, this is a super fun game for two that you can either drag out into super long scenes or play fast and furious with easy narration short-cuts.